Find my facebook Id

Find my facebook Id

Free online tool to know Id number of the Facebook profile of identification with just put the url of your personal page :

Find my fb id?

How to find the page ID or profile on Facebook? The name or number must be similar to this to this Examples:


Method: Go to this website to enter your page, copy the URL of your desired page. For example, we are looking for a room to this page: Enter in the form field and click on the button in a matter of seconds, the site gives us the page number: EJ: 40796308305. To check with such deceit put the address in the browser the numbers will automatically change to the findmyfacebookid will know if it is correct.

What is this page for?

If you need to find the number of your page or profile on Facebook App use.

The pages of profiles and groups on Facebook, until recently only used numbers, until FB let you customize the URL of your fanpage, it became possible to change the number by the names to appear in the URL of your page. This change created a problem, since in many occasions we need to know what the Id number is.

To use for example, in different api like putting in the comments of FB in your blog or web page or to put the digital numbers in <meta property = "fb: admins" content = "9375892942" /> you need to search for them As it is not easy. With this free web page we can know the identity or profile page on Facebook at the moment.